Odessa Nightclubs

On Mondays you can listen to the best hits and remakes of Russian pop-music at series of parties Russian hits night! at the Palladium nightclub. Every Thursday and Monday Palladium represents so-called light nights Euro, disco, disco house, pop electro, 80s 90s. On Thursdays a night of absolute freedom. Every Friday and Saturday exclusive shows are held in the club. Kiev performance, Moscow new decor, stage and attributes On Sundays you can listen to the best summer hits Itaka Night.

    Address: Italian blv., 4
    Location: City center
    Phone: +38 048 728-65-66
    Working hours: Every day 21:00 - 06:00

Club YO!
he Yo Nightclub is the most known by tourists and locals. It is winter club, as they are closed for 3 summer months. Well, modern interiors, professional baristas, famous Djs and singers, polite security, and many girls ready to talk if you buy them a drink.

    Address: Polskiy sp., 15
    Location: City center
    Phone: +38 0482 37 15 15
    Working hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 21:00 - 06:00

Disco 80-s Progressive dance music on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. Acid-Jazz on Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Stylish club design. No pop music. An "elite" club with face-control.

    Address: Langeronovskaya str. 26
    Location: City center
    Phone: +38048 7266484
    Working hours: Every day 16:00 - 02:00, Monday is day-off

Vechernaya Odessa
The Night Odessa totally differs from other clubs and you can see it right when you come in. The first interior of Vecherka (Night Odessa) was created by a famous architect Belikov and the principals he put into the project are still kept. The halls are cozy hidden from the noise of the big city: no windows, and you are met with the pleasant warm light of the lamps. The clubs area is divided into several parts and you can choose the one you prefer. Stylish interior and cozy soft sofas create a special comfortable atmosphere. Everything is in a maritime way, Odessa way ship attributes, crash boat, illuminators, a real ships bell hanging in the bar, life buoys on the walls.

    Address: Pushkinskaya str, 59
    Location: City center
    Phone: +380482 321421
    Working hours: Every day

Club-restaurant Bernardazzi is situated in the historical center of Odessa at the crossing of Pushkinskaya and Bunina Street, in the building of a New Exchange house (later the building was given to Odessa Philharmonic Hall), which was built by Alexander Osipovich Bernadazzi. The frontage of the building is performed in Florentine renaissance style. The basis was made of building stone and blocks with a complicated cement and walls building blocks and nigged ashlars. From the beginning, since 1899, there was a restaurant in the little hall. In Soviet Union times there was an actor house. Now, 100 years having passed, the Hall opens its doors again as restaurant-club Bernadazzi. The interior is full of Odessa 19th century atmosphere, decorated with the pictures of the old Odessa of a famous Odessa graphic-painter Garmider G.V. In summer time our restaurant works at the inner yard of Odessa Philharmonics, the place hidden from strangers glances and attracting with its unique architecture. Friday. Live music evenings. You can listen to music of Balkan style, gypsy jazz, ethno, klezmer and others. Saturday. Theme parties from Bernadazzi are waiting for you. Parties at Bernadazzi are always with live music, entertaining show, theme cocktails and offers, dancing till the morning. Sunday. At 19.00 Salsa master-class is waiting for you and it is gradually turning into a salsa party.

    Address: Bunina street, 15
    Location: City center
    Phone: 785-55-85
    Working hours: 18.00 - morning time

Zimniy . . .

    Address: Genuezkaya, 24
    Location: Arcadia
    Phone: 048-738-11-11
    Working hours: Every day 21:00 - 06:00


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